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Tired of Rome? Then...

This is a directory of links to pages where monuments of towns other than Rome are shown. The monuments of Rome are listed in:
The Churches of Rome
The Palaces and the Villas of Rome
Other Monuments of Rome

The list is split in two sections: towns in Italy and towns abroad.

In Italy

AcquapendenteLatiumMain monuments-
AcquaspartaUmbriaMain monuments-
AcutoLatiumMain monuments-
AlatriLatiumMain monuments-
AlbanoLatiumGate of Villa Boncompagni Ludovisi
Detail of Palazzo Doria Pamphili
Main Monuments
AllumiereLatiumMain monuments-
AlvianoUmbriaMain monuments-
AmeliaUmbriaMain monuments-
AnagniLatiumMain monuments
Old bell of the Cathedral
Porta S. Maria
AnconaMarchesMain monuments
Porta Pia
AnguillaraLatiumMain monuments-
Anticoli CorradoLatiumMain monuments-
AnzioLatiumMain monuments-
AquileiaFriuli - VGMain monuments-
AricciaLatiumDetail of S. Maria dell'Assunzione
Main monuments
ArsoliLatiumMain monuments-
Ascoli PicenoMarchesMain monuments
A medieval window
S. Emidio alle Grotte
AssisiUmbriaMain monuments
Coat of arms in Porta S. Francesco
Detail of Fonte Marcella
BagnaiaLatiumMain monuments
Fountain in the main square
BagnoregioLatiumMain monuments-
BarbaranoLatiumMain monuments-
BassanoLatiumMain monuments-
BellegraLatiumMain monuments-
BevagnaUmbriaMain gate
Main monuments
BleraLatiumMain monuments-
BolognaEmilia-RomagnaCoat of arms in Palazzo Comunale
Detail of the faįade of Palazzo Comunale
Coats of arms in Palazzo Comunale
Statue of Pope Gregory XIII
BolsenaLatiumMain monuments-
BomarzoLatiumMain monuments-
Boville ErnicaLatiumMain monuments-
BraccianoLatiumMain monuments-
CagliMarchesMain monuments-
CamerinoMarchesMain monuments-
Canale MonteranoLatiumMain monuments-
CaninoLatiumMain monuments-
Cantalupo in SabinaLatiumMain monuments-
CapenaLatiumMain monuments-
CapodimonteLatiumMain monuments-
CapranicaLatiumMain monuments-
Capranica PrenestinaLatiumMain monuments-
CaprarolaLatiumMain monuments-
CarbognanoLatiumMain monuments-
CarpinetoLatiumMain monuments-
CasamariLatiumThe Abbey-
CasapeLatiumMain monuments-
CasciaUmbriaMain monuments-
CasperiaLatiumMain monuments-
Castel GandolfoLatiumMain monuments
Entrance of Villa Barberini
Main gate

Castel MadamaLatiumSome monuments-
Castelnuovo di PortoLatiumMain monuments-
Castel San PietroLatiumMain monuments-
Castel Sant'EliaLatiumMain monuments-
Castiglione del LagoUmbriaMain monuments
CaveLatiumMain monuments-
CellereLatiumMain monuments-
CervaraLatiumMain monuments-
CesenaEmilia-RomagnaMain monuments
Statue of Pius VI
CesiUmbriaMain monuments (with regional map)-
ChioggiaVenetoMain monuments-
CicilianoLatiumMain monuments-
CingoliMarchesMain monuments-
Cittā della PieveUmbriaMain monuments-
Cittā di CastelloUmbriaMain monuments-
CividaleFriuli - VGMain monuments-
Civita CastellanaLatiumMain monuments
Main gate
CivitanovaMarchesMain monuments-
CivitavecchiaLatiumMain monuments
Detail of the harbour
Civitella San PaoloLatiumMain monuments-
ColonnaLatiumMain monuments-
CorchianoLatiumMain monuments-
CoriLatiumMain monuments-
Corneto (Tarquinia)LatiumMain monuments-
FabrianoMarchesMain monuments-
FabricaLatiumMain monuments-
FaenzaEmilia-RomagnaMain Fountain(11)
FaleriaLatiumMain monuments-
FanoMarchesMain monuments-
Fara SabinaLatiumMain monuments-
FarfaLatiumThe Abbey-
FarneseLatiumMain monuments-
FerentinoLatiumMain monuments-
FermoMarchesMain monuments-
FerraraEmilia-RomagnaColonna Ariostea(11)
Fiano RomanoLatiumMain monuments-
FilaccianoLatiumMain monuments-
FilettinoLatiumMain monuments-
Firenze (Florence)TuscanyPapal coats of arms
A window of Palazzo Nonfinito
Some monuments
Fortezza del Belvedere
Piazza della SS. Annunziata
Fiuggi (Anticoli)LatiumMain monuments-
FolignoUmbriaMain monuments-
FormelloLatiumMain monuments-
FossanovaLatiumThe Abbey-
FossombroneMarchesMain monuments-
FrascatiLatiumMain monuments
Villa Aldobrandini
Gardens of Villa Aldobrandini
Fontana di Vermicino

GenazzanoLatiumMain monuments-
GenzanoLatiumMain monuments-
GradaraMarchesMain monuments-
GradoFriuli - VGMain monuments-
GradoliLatiumMain monuments-
GrottaferrataLatiumMain monuments-
Grotte di CastroLatiumViews-
GuadagnoloLatiumMain monuments-
Gualdo TadinoUmbriaMain monuments
Coat of arms of Julius III
GubbioUmbriaMain monuments
Two windows
Ischia di CastroLatiumMain monuments-
Isola FarneseLatiumMain monuments-
JesiMarchesMain monuments-
Lavinia (or Lanuvio)LatiumMain monuments-
Leprignano (Capena)LatiumMain monuments-
LoretoMarchesMain monuments-
MacerataMarchesMain monuments-
Macerata FeltriaMarchesMain monuments-
Magliano SabinoLatiumPonte Felice(9)
MandelaLatiumMain monuments-
ManzianaLatiumMain monuments-
MarcellinaLatiumMain monuments-
MarinoLatiumMain monuments-
MartaLatiumMain monuments-
MatelicaMarchesMain monuments
Coats of arms of Pope Clement XII
MentanaLatiumMain monuments-
Montalto di CastroLatiumMain monuments-
MontecelioLatiumMain monuments-
Monte CompatriLatiumA detail
Coat of arms of the town
MontefalcoUmbriaMain monuments-
MontefiasconeLatiumMain monuments
Porta Viterbese
MonteflavioLatiumMain monuments-
Montefortino (Artena)LatiumMain monuments-
Monte Porzio CatoneLatiumMain monuments
Coat of arms of Pope Gregory XIII in Villa Taverna
Detail of the main gate

MontepulcianoTuscanySome monuments
A Baroque window
MonterosiLatiumMain monuments-
MonterotondoLatiumMain monuments-
Montopoli in SabinaLatiumMain monuments-
Montorio RomanoLatiumMain monuments-
MorlupoLatiumMain monuments-
NarniUmbriaMain monuments
Coat of arms in the Orphanage
Rocca (fortress) di Narni
A medieval window
A detail of S. Maria in Pensole
NazzanoLatiumMain monuments-
NemiLatiumMain monuments-
NepiLatiumMain monuments-
NerolaLatiumMain monuments-
NettunoLatiumMain monuments
NinfaLatiumMain monuments-
NoceraUmbriaMain monuments-
NorciaUmbriaMain monuments-
NormaLatiumMain monuments-
OlevanoLatiumMain monuments-
Oriolo RomanoLatiumMain monuments-
OrteLatiumMain monuments-
OrvietoUmbriaMain monuments-
OsimoMarchesMain monuments-
OstiaLatiumAncient Ostia
The medieval site (Gregoriopolis)
Modern Lido di Ostia and Tor S. Michele
PaestumCampaniaMain monuments-
PalestrinaLatiumMain monuments
Porta del Sole and detail of the Barberini Chapel
PalianoLatiumMain monuments-
PalidoroLatiumMain monuments-
PalmanovaFriuli - VGMain monuments-
PaloLatiumMain monuments-
PalombaraLatiumMain monuments-
PerugiaUmbriaMain monuments
Fontana Maggiore and statue of Julius III
Chiesa dell'Orazione e della Buona Morte
Porta S. Costanzo
PesaroMarchesMain monuments-
PienzaTuscanySome monuments(15)
PiglioLatiumMain monuments-
PisonianoLatiumMain monuments-
Poggio MirtetoLatiumMain monuments-
PoliLatiumMain monuments-
PompeiiCampaniaMain monuments-
PomposaEmilia-RomagnaMain monuments-
PonzanoLatiumMain monuments-
PortoLatiumMain monuments-
PrivernoLatiumMain monuments
A Renaissance window
ProcenoLatiumMain monuments-
RavennaEmilia-RomagnaMain monuments
Porta Pamphilia
RecanatiMarchesMain monuments-
RianoLatiumMain monuments-
RietiLatiumMain monuments-
Rignano FlaminioLatiumMain monuments-
RiminiEmilia-RomagnaMain monuments
Statue of Pope Paul V
RipatransoneMarchesMain monuments-
Rocca CanteranoLatiumMain monuments-
Rocca di CaveLatiumMain monuments-
Rocca di PapaLatiumSome monuments-
Rocca PrioraLatiumSome monuments-
Rocca S. StefanoLatiumMain monuments-
RonciglioneLatiumMain monuments
RovianoLatiumMain monuments-
SambuciLatiumMain monuments-
San Felice CirceoLatiumMain monuments-
San GeminiUmbriaMain monuments-
San LeoEmilia-RomagnaMain monuments-
San Gregorio da SassolaLatiumMain monuments-
San Polo dei CavalieriLatiumMain monuments-
San Martino al CiminoLatiumMain monuments-
San SeverinoMarchesMain monuments-
Santa Maria di GaleriaLatiumMain monuments-
Santa MarinellaLatiumMain monuments-
Sant'Angelo RomanoLatiumMain monuments-
Santa SeveraLatiumMain monuments-
Sant'OresteLatiumMain monuments-
San Vito RomanoLatiumMain monuments-
SassocorvaroMarchesMain monuments-
SegniLatiumMain monuments-
SenigalliaMarchesMain monuments
Porta Lamberta
SermonetaLatiumMain monuments-
SezzeLatiumMain monuments-
SienaTuscanyPapal coats of arms
Monuments related to Pope Pius II
Monuments related to Pope Pius III
SonninoLatiumMain monuments-
Soriano al CiminoLatiumMain monuments-
SpelloUmbriaMain monuments
Fountain in the main square

SpoletoUmbriaCoat of arms of Clement VIII
Fontana del Mascherone
Coat of arms in the Cathedral
Main monuments (with regional map)
SubiacoLatiumMain monuments
Triumphal Arch

SutriLatiumMain monuments-
Tarquinia (Corneto)LatiumMain monuments-
TerniUmbriaMain monuments-
TerracinaLatiumMain monuments-
TivoliLatiumMain monuments
Fortezza Pia
Two windows

TodiUmbriaMain monuments-
TolentinoMarchesMain monuments-
TolfaLatiumMain monuments-
Torino (Turin)PiedmontBasilica di Superga-
Torre AsturaLatiumMain monuments-
Torrita TiberinaLatiumMain monuments-
TreiaMarchesMain monuments-
TreviLatiumMain monuments-
TreviUmbriaMain monuments-
TrevignanoLatiumMain monuments-
TriesteFriuli - VGMain monuments-
TuscaniaLatiumMain monuments
A detail of S. Maria Maggiore

UmbertideUmbriaMain monuments-
UrbaniaMarchesMain monuments-
UrbinoMarchesMain monuments
XVIIIth century monuments
A Renaissance window
UrbisagliaEmilia-RomagnaMain monuments-
ValentanoLatiumMain monuments
Main gate

ValleranoLatiumMain monuments-
ValmontoneLatiumMain monuments-
VasanelloLatiumMain monuments-
VejanoLatiumMain monuments-
VelletriLatiumMain monuments-
VeneziaVenetoMonuments related to the Levant-
VeroliLatiumMain monuments-
VetrallaLatiumMain monuments-
VicovaroLatiumMain monuments-
VignanelloLatiumMain monuments-
VissoMarchesPorta di Via Lata(4)
ViterboLatiumSeveral monuments
S. Maria della Querce
Porta Romana
VitorchianoLatiumMain monuments-
ZagaroloLatiumMain monuments
A window of Palazzo Rospigliosi

(1):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Gregory XIII (1572-85)
(2):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Innocent X (1644-55)
(4):In a page showing gates built by the Popes
(5):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Pius VI (1775-99)
(6):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Alexander VII (1655-67)
(7):In a page showing windows of Italy
(8):In a page showing coats of arms of the Counter-Reformation period
(9):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Sixtus V (1685-90)
(10):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Julius III (1550-55)
(11):In a page showing coats of arms which were spared by the French Revolution
(12):In a page showing coats sculptured on marble globes
(13):In a page showing fortresses built by the Popes
(15):In a page showing papal coats of arms in the Granduchy of Tuscany
(16):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Clement VIII (1592-1605)
(17):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Clement XII (1730-40)
(18):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Paul V (1605-21)
(19):In a page showing unusual capitals of columns
(20):In a page showing the heraldic symbols of Pope Urban VIII (1623-44)
(21):In a page showing a comparison between monuments in both Florence and Rome


AlbaniaButrinto (Butrint)Main monuments-
AustriaPerchtoldsdorfMain monuments-
AustriaViennaMain Baroque monuments-
CambodiaAngkorSome monuments-
CROATIADalmatiaIntroductory pageWith regional map.
CroatiaClissa (Klis)Main monuments-
CroatiaParenzo (Porec)Main monuments-
CroatiaPola (Pula)Main monuments-
CroatiaRovigno (Rovigno)Main monuments-
CroatiaSalona (Solin)Main monuments-
CroatiaSebenico (Sibenik)Main monuments-
CroatiaSpalato (Split)Main monuments-
CroatiaTraų (Trogir)Main monuments-
ChinaBadalingViews of the Great Wall-
ChinaBeijingThe Forbidden City and some other monuments-
ChinaXianMain monuments-
CyprusAmathousMain monuments-
CyprusBellapaisThe Abbey-
CyprusCirenes (Kyrenia/Girne)The fortress-
CyprusFamagustaThe walls
The churches
With regional map.
CyprusKourionMain monuments-
CyprusKolossiMain monuments-
CyprusLarnacaMain monuments-
CyprusLimassolMain monuments-
CyprusNicosia (Lefkosa)Main monuments-
CyprusPaphosMain monuments-
CyprusSalamisMain monuments-
Czech RepublicHradec KraloveMuseumSmall images with no text
Czech RepublicKutna HoraParish church and St Barbara's
Statue of St John Nepomuk
Details of two buildings
Small images with no text
Czech RepublicPardubiceZelena Brana (Green Tower)
A window and a modern building
Details of the theatre
Small images with no text
Czech RepublicPragueThe Italian Street
The Saints' Bridge
Several small images
EgyptAlexandriaSome monuments-
EgyptCairoThe Walls of Babilonia-
FranceAvignonSome monuments-
FranceParisTwo fountains
Equestrian statue of Louis XIV
Obelisk at Place de la Concorde
GREECEMap of the Aegean and Ionian SeasIt shows the location
of the following towns
GreeceAlonissos General view-
GreeceAndimahiaThe fortress-
GreeceAndro (Andros)Main monuments-
GreeceAntiparis (Andiparos)The fortified village-
GreeceArgo (Argos)The fortress
Ancient Argos
GreeceArhangelosThe fortress-
GreeceArtaMain monuments-
GreeceAssoThe fortress-
GreeceAthensSome monuments
Monuments built during the Roman rule
GreeceAzio (Aktion)The fortress-
GreeceCalamata (Kalamata)Some monuments-
GreeceCalimno (Kalymnos)The fortresses-
GreeceCandia (Iraklion)Main monuments-
GreeceCastel di Morea (Rio)The fortress-
GreeceCastel di Rumelia (Antirio)The fortress-
GreeceCastelfranco (Frangokastelo)The fortress-
GreeceCastelrosso (Karistos)The fortresses-
GreeceCastelrosso (Kastelorizo)The fortress-
GreeceCastel Selino (Paleochora)The fortress-
GreeceCastel Tornese (Hlemoutsi)The fortress-
GreeceCefalonia (Kephallonia)The old fortress-
GreeceCerigo (Kythira)Main monuments-
GreeceCorfuMain monuments-
GreeceChielefāThe fortress-
Roman Corinth
GreeceCorone (Koroni)The fortress-
GreeceCreteIntroductory pageWith regional map.
GreeceDelosMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceDelphiMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceDionMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceDodoni (Dodona)Main monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceEgina (Aegina)Main monuments-
GreeceEleusisMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceEpidaurusMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceFolegandrosMain monuments-
GreeceGithioThe tower-
GreeceGortynMain monuments-
GreeceGrambusaThe fortress-
GreeceIerapetraThe fortress-
GreeceIoaninaMain monuments-
GreeceItaca (Ithaki)Main monuments-
GreeceKalambaka (Meteora)Main monuments-
GreeceKasteliThe walls-
GreeceKastoriaMain monuments-
GreeceKavalaMain monuments-
GreeceKimiA view-
GreeceKnossosMain monuments-
GreeceKosThe Asclepeion
The Fortress
Ancient Kos
GreeceKritsaMain monuments-
GreeceLa Canea (Xania)Main monuments-
GreeceLemno (Limnos)The fortress-
GreeceLepanto (Nafpaktos)Main monuments-
GreeceLero (Leros)The fortresses-
GreeceLindosMain monuments-
GreeceMalvasia (Monemvassia)Main monuments-
GreeceMetelino (Mytilini)The fortressWith regional map.
GreeceMetimno (Molyvos)The fortress-
GreeceMilo (Milos)Some monuments-
GreeceMicono (Mykonos)Some monuments-
GreeceMistrā (Mistras)Main monuments-
GreeceModon (Methoni)The fortress-
GreeceMoni ArkadiThe monastery-
GreeceMycenaeMain monuments-
GreeceNapoli di Romania (Nafplion)The fortresses-
GreeceNasso (Naxos)Some monuments-
GreeceNavarino (Pilos)The fortresses-
GreeceNegroponte (Chalki)Some monuments-
GreeceNikopolisMain monuments-
GreeceNissirosMain monuments-
GreeceOlympiaMain monuments-
GreeceOreoMain monuments-
GreecePaleocastroThe fortress-
GreecePargaThe fortress-
GreeceParis (Paros)Main monuments-
GreecePassavāThe fortress-
GreecePatmo (Patmos)Main monuments-
GreecePatrasso (Patra)The fortress-
GreecePaxo (Paxi)Main monuments-
GreecePhaistosMain monuments-
GreecePhilippiMain monuments-
GreecePlatamonasThe fortress-
GreecePrevezaThe fortresses-
GreeceRettimo (Rethimno)Main monuments-
GreeceRhodes (Rodos)Main monumentsWith regional map.
GreeceSamothraceMain monuments-
GreeceSanta Maura (Lefkada)The fortress-
GreeceSantorino (Thira)Main monuments-
GreeceSchiatto (Skiathos)Main monuments-
GreeceSchiro (Skyros)Main monuments-
GreeceScio (Chios)Main monumentsWith regional map.
GreeceScopello (Skopelos)Main monuments-
GreeceSfakiaThe fortress-
GreeceSiro (Syros)Main monuments-
GreeceSittiaThe fortress-
GreeceSounionMain monumentsOracle/shrine
GreeceSpezzia (Spetse)Main monuments-
GreeceSpinalongaThe fortress-
GreeceStampalia (Astipalea)The fortress-
GreeceSymiMain monuments-
GreeceThassosMain monuments-
GreeceThessalonica (Thessaloniki)Main monuments-
GreeceTino (Tinos)Main monuments-
GreeceTirynsMain monuments-
GreeceVeriaMain monuments-
GreeceVonizzaThe fortress-
GreeceZante (Zakynthos)Main monuments-
IRAN (Persia)Central IranIntroductory pageWith regional map.
IranAbarquhMain monuments-
IranAbyanehMain monuments-
IranArdestanMain monuments-
IranBishapurMain monuments-
IranChak ChakZoroastrian shrine-
IranIsfahanMain monuments-
IranKashanMain monuments-
IranNaqsh-e RostamMain monuments-
IranPasargadaeMain monuments-
IranPersepolisMain monuments-
IranShirazMain monuments-
IranYazdMain monuments-
IranZavarehMain monuments-
ISRAELIsraelIntroductory pageWith regional map.
IsraelAcre (Akko)Main monuments-
IsraelBelvoir (Kokhav Hayarden)The fortress-
IsraelBet AlphaSynagogue-
IsraelBet She'arimMain monuments-
IsraelCaesarea MaritimaMain monuments-
IsraelCaesarea Philippi (Banias)Main monuments-
IsraelCapernaumHoly Sites
IsraelDiocaesarea (Zippori)Main monuments
IsraelEin GediSynagogue-
IsraelHerodionMain monuments-
IsraelJaffaMain monuments-
IsraelJerusalemMain monuments-
IsraelKaifah (Haifa)Main monuments-
IsraelMamfis (Mamshit)Main monuments-
IsraelMasadaMain monuments-
IsraelMegiddoMain monuments-
IsraelMount TaborCatholic church-
IsraelNazarethMain monuments-
IsraelNimrodThe fortress-
IsraelOboda (Avdat)Main monuments-
IsraelRosh HaniqraThe rocks-
IsraelScythopolis (Bet She'an)Main monuments-
IsraelTel AvivMain monuments-
IsraelTiberiasMain monuments
JORDANJordanIntroductory pageWith regional map.
JordanAhl al-KahfCave of the Seven Sleepers-
JordanAjlunThe castle-
JordanAmman (Philadelphia)Main monuments-
JordanAqabaMain monuments-
Jordanar-RabbahMain monuments-
JordanDana ValleyViews-
JordanDead SeaSome views-
JordanIraq al-AmirPalace of the Slave-
JordanJerash (Gerasa)Main monuments-
JordanKerakThe castle-
JordanKhirbet et-TannurViews-
JordanMadabaMain monuments-
JordanMount NeboSome mosaics-
JordanPellaMain monuments-
JordanPetraMain monuments-
JordanQasr al-AzraqThe castle-
JordanQasr al-HallabatThe castle-
JordanQasr al-HamraThe palace-
JordanQasr al-KharanahThe castle-
JordanQasr al-MushattaThe palace-
JordanShowbakThe castle-
JordanUmm al-JimalMain monuments-
JordanUmm Qays (Gadara)Main monuments-
JordanWadi al-MawjibViews-
LIBYAFezzanIntroduction to the regionWith regional map
LibyaGaramaMain monuments-
LibyaLeptis MagnaMain monuments-
LibyaSabrataMain monuments-
LibyaTripoli (Oea)Main ancient monuments-
LibyaUadi El AuisMain reliefs and paintings-
LibyaUadi MathendushMain reliefs-
LibyaUadi TeshuinatMain reliefs and paintings-
MALTAMaltaIntroductory pageWith regional map.
MaltaCospicua (Bormla)Main monuments-
MaltaFlorianaMain monuments-
MaltaMdinaMain monuments-
MaltaSenglea (Isla)Main monuments-
MaltaVallettaMain monuments-
MaltaVictoria Main monuments-
MaltaVittoriosa (Birgu)Main monuments-
MYANMARMyanmar (Burma)Introductory pageWith regional map.
MyanmarBaganSome views-
MyanmarInle LakeMain sites-
MyanmarMandalaySome views-
MyanmarYangon (Rangoon)Some views-
SpainMadridSome coats of arms
Fuente de Neptuno
SYRIAMAP OF SYRIAIt shows the location
of the following towns
SyriaAin DaraMain monuments-
SyriaAleppoMain monuments-
SyriaApameaMain monuments-
SyriaArwadMain monuments-
SyriaBaetocece (Hosn Suleiman)Main monuments-
SyriaBosraMain monuments-
SyriaBradMain monuments-
SyriaCyrrhusMain monuments-
SyriaDamascusMain monuments-
SyriaEzraMain monuments-
SyriaHamaMain monuments-
SyriaKrak des ChevaliersThe Castle-
SyriaMaaloulaMain monuments-
SyriaMarqabThe Castle-
SyriaPalmyraMain monuments-
SyriaPhilippopolisMain monuments-
SyriaQalb LozehMain monuments-
SyriaQanawatMain monuments-
SyriaQaraMain monuments-
SyriaQasr al-Hayr al-SharqiMain monuments-
SyriaSafitaThe Castle-
SyriaSaoneThe Castle-
SyriaSergillaMain monuments-
SyriaShaqqaMain monuments-
SyriaSt. SimeonMain monuments-
SyriaTartousMain monuments-
SyriaZabadaniRock cut tomb-
TUNISIATunisiaIntroductory pageWith regional map.
TunisiaBizerteMain monuments-
TunisiaBulla RegiaMain monuments-
TunisiaCarthageMain monuments-
TunisiaKairouanMain monuments-
TunisiaLa GouletteMain monuments-
TunisiaLe Kef (Sicca Veneria)Main monuments-
TunisiaMactaris (Makthar)Main monuments-
TunisiaMahdiaMain monuments-
TunisiaMonastirMain monuments-
TunisiaMustiMain monuments-
TunisiaNabeul (Neapolis)Main monuments-
TunisiaSfaxMain monuments-
TunisiaSidi Bou-SaidMain monuments-
TunisiaSimitthus (Chemdou)Main monuments-
TunisiaSousseMain monuments-
TunisiaSufetula (Sbeitla)Main monuments-
TunisiaThuburbo MajusMain monuments-
TunisiaThugga (Dougga)Main monuments-
TunisiaThysdrus (El-Djem)Main monuments-
TunisiaTunisMain monuments-
TunisiaUthina (Oudna)Main monuments-
TunisiaUticaMain monuments-
TunisiaZaghouan (Ziqua)Main monuments-
TURKEYMAP OF TURKEYIt shows the location
of the following towns
TurkeyAdanaMain monuments-
TurkeyAdrianopolis (Edirne)Main monuments-
TurkeyAfrodisiasMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyAfyonkarahisarMain monuments-
TurkeyAizani (Cavdarhisar)Main monuments-
TurkeyAlanyaThe castleWith regional map.
TurkeyAlexandrettaSome monuments-
TurkeyAmastri (Amasra)Main monuments-
TurkeyAmasyaMain monuments-
TurkeyAndriakeHadrian's granary-
TurkeyAnemuriumMain monuments-
TurkeyAnkaraRoman monuments-
TurkeyAnadolu HisarThe fortress-
TurkeyAnadolu KavagiThe fortress-
TurkeyAntalyaMain monuments-
TurkeyAntioch (Hatay)Some monuments
Roman mosaics
With regional map
TurkeyAntiphellos (Kas)Main monuments-
TurkeyAspendosMain monuments-
TurkeyAssosMain monuments-
TurkeyBakras KalesiThe castle-
TurkeyBirecikMain monuments-
TurkeyBodrumThe fortress-
TurkeyBorSome monuments-
TurkeyBursaMain monuments-
TurkeyCandarliThe fortress-
TurkeyCape AnamurMamure Kalesi-
TurkeyCentral RegionIntroductory pageWith regional map.
TurkeyCavusin (Cappadocia) Main monuments-
TurkeyCismes (Cesme)The fortress-
TurkeyCunda (Alibey)Main monuments-
TurkeyDidymaMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyDivrigiMain monuments-
TurkeyDiyarbakirMain monuments-
TurkeyEdirneMain monuments-
TurkeyEgirdirMain monuments-
TurkeyElaiussaMain monuments-
TurkeyEphesus (Seljuc)Main monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyEski GumusRock-cut town-
TurkeyEuromosMain monuments-
TurkeyFochies (Eski Foca)The fortress-
TurkeyGaziantepMain monuments/Roman mosaics-
TurkeyGiresunThe fortress-
TurkeyGoreme (Cappadocia) Main monuments-
TurkeyHarbiye (Daphne)Some monuments-
TurkeyHarputMain monuments-
TurkeyHarranMain monuments-
TurkeyHattusaMain monuments-
TurkeyHierapolis (Pamukkale)Main monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyIasosMain monuments-
TurkeyIhlara (Cappadocia) Some monuments-
TurkeyImbro (Gokceada)The fortress-
TurkeyIspartaMain monuments-
TurkeyIstanbulThe walls
Basic Istanbul
With Istanbul map
With Black Sea map.
TurkeyIvrizHittite relief-
TurkeyKahramanmarasMain monuments-
TurkeyKale Sultanieh (Canakkale)The fortress-
TurkeyKaramanMain monuments-
TurkeyKaratepeMain monuments-
TurkeyKastamonuMain monuments-
TurkeyKaunosMain monuments-
TurkeyKayseriMain monuments-
TurkeyKemerhisarRoman aqueduct-
TurkeyKilisMain monuments-
TurkeyKilitbahir (Eceabat)The fortress-
TurkeyKilyosThe fortress-
TurkeyKizkalesiThe castles-
TurkeyKonyaMain monuments-
TurkeyKutahyaMain monuments-
TurkeyLaiazzo (Yumurtalik)Main monuments-
TurkeyLampron (Camlilaya)Main monuments-
TurkeyLetoonMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyMalabadi KoprusuOld Bridge-
TurkeyManisa (Magnesia)Main monuments-
TurkeyMardinMain monuments-
TurkeyMarmara Sea and StraitsIntroductory pageWith Marmara Sea Map
TurkeyMilasMain monuments-
TurkeyMiletusMain monuments-
TurkeyMut (Alahan Monastery)Main monuments-
TurkeyMyra (Demre)Main monuments-
TurkeyNemrut DagMain monuments-
TurkeyNicaea (Iznic)Main monuments-
TurkeyNigdeMain monuments-
TurkeyNiksarMain monuments-
TurkeyOlba (Uzuncaburį)Main monuments-
TurkeyPataraMain monuments-
TurkeyPayasSokullu Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai-
TurkeyPergamum (Bergama)Main monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyPergeMain monuments-
TurkeyPhaselisMain monuments-
TurkeyPrieneMain monuments-
TurkeyRumeli FeneriThe fortress-
TurkeyRumeli HisarThe fortress-
TurkeySafranboluMain monuments-
TurkeySagalassosMain monuments-
TurkeySanliurfaMain monuments-
TurkeySardis (Sart)Main monuments-
TurkeySeddulbahirThe fortress-
TurkeySeleucia PieriaSome monuments-
TurkeySideMain monuments-
TurkeySilifkeMain monuments-
TurkeySilvanMain monuments-
TurkeySimenaMain monuments-
TurkeySinope (Sinop)Main monuments-
TurkeySis (Kozan)Main monuments-
TurkeySivasMain monuments-
TurkeySmyrna (Izmir)Roman monuments-
TurkeySouth-eastern RegionIntroductory pageWith regional map.
TurkeySouth-western Region Introductory pageWith regional map.
TurkeySumelaThe monastery-
TurkeyTarsusMain monuments-
TurkeyTaskopruMain monuments-
TurkeyTelmessos (Fethiye)Main monuments-
TurkeyTenedo (Bozcaada)The fortress-
TurkeyTermessosMain monuments-
TurkeyTireboluThe fortresses-
TurkeyTlosMain monuments-
TurkeyTokatMain monuments-
TurkeyTrebizond (Trabzon)Main monumentsWith regional map.
TurkeyTroy (Truva)Main monuments-
TurkeyUchisar (Cappadocia) Main monuments-
TurkeyUnyeThe fortress-
TurkeyXanthosMain monuments-
TurkeyYasilikayaMain monuments-
TurkeyYilanli KaleThe fortress-
United KingdomLondonLittle Venice
Brompton Oratory
UzbekistanBukharaMain monuments-
UzbekistanChakhrisabzMain monuments-
UzbekistanKhivaMain monuments-
UzbekistanSamarkandMain monuments-
VietnamWhole countrySome postcards-