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Spring by Sandro Botticelli
Spring by Sandro Botticelli (detail) - Galleria degli Uffizi - Florence

December 27, 2003
What Dante Saw

December 20, 2003
The Walls of Babilonia

December 13, 2003
Plate 10: Cappella di Reginald Pole
Plate 54: New S. Maria Liberatrice
Plate120: Case di Jacopo da Brescia e di Febo Brigotti
Plate 122 ii: New S. Maria delle Grazie
Plate 129 ii: S. Francesco d'Assisi a Monte Mario
Plate 177: New S. Galla
The (Italian) text of the eighth day itinerary written by Giuseppe Vasi in 1761

December 6, 2003
A Little Iconography - Part Two: The Virtues
Plate 136: Cappella di S. Cecilia
The (Italian) text of the seventh day itinerary written by Giuseppe Vasi in 1761

November 29, 2003
Plate 154: SS. Rufina e Seconda and Palazzo Leoni
The (Italian) text of the sixth day itinerary written by Giuseppe Vasi in 1761

November 22, 2003
Plate 76: Palazzo di Gerolamo Pichi and Farnesina ai Baullari
Plate 108: Renaissance buildings in Via de' Coronari and Fontana del Leone
Plate 109: Flood recording marks
Plate 110: Palazzetto Turci
Plate 61 ii: La Vignola
Plate 117: Casa di Flaminio Ponzio
The (Italian) text of the fourth day itinerary written by Giuseppe Vasi in 1761
The (Italian) text of the fifth day itinerary written by Giuseppe Vasi in 1761

November 15, 2003
A Little Iconography
The (Italian) text of the third day itinerary written by Giuseppe Vasi in 1761

November 12, 2003
The Italian flag at half-mast and Daniele Ghione, aged 30, one of the 20 casualties

November 8, 2003
Plate 140: Casa del Canova
Plate 128: Palazzo Boncompagni Cerasi
Plate 105: Casa Vacca
Plate 165: Warning Inscriptions
Plate 162: Palazzo Frangipane
Plate 130 ii: S. Biagio in Mercatello
Plate 80: Palazzetto Altemps
Plate 51: Casino Evangelisti
The (Italian) text of the second day itinerary written by Giuseppe Vasi in 1761

November 1, 2003
Organs and Cantoria
The (Italian) text of the first day itinerary written by Giuseppe Vasi in 1761
Villa Sinibaldi and Cappella dell'Arco Oscuro
Palazzo Verospi
Chiesa dei SS. Andrea e Bartolomeo

October 25, 2003
What Mark Twain Saw (excerpts from The Innocents Abroad). Illustrated!

October 18, 2003
Cosmopolitan Alexandria

October 11, 2003
The Stones of Rome

October 4, 2003
Roman Feet and Sandals

September 27, 2003
Golden Mosaics in Rome

September 20, 2003
Roman Ankara
The Walls of Nicaea

September 13, 2003
Baroque Ceilings

September 6, 2003
A Genoese Trade Route
The Last Roman Empire
What Goethe Saw (revised)

August 30, 2003
What Charles Dickens Saw (excerpts from Pictures from Italy)
What Henry James Saw (excerpts from Italian Hours)

July - August 2003: let's have a summer break!

June 28, 2003
Plate 26-ii: Palazzo dei Ritratti
Plate 59: Casino del Cardinal Bessarione
Plate 73: Palazzo Pichini
Plate 74: Palazzo Montoro
Plate 198-ii: Casa di Michelangelo

June 21, 2003
Traffic in the etchings of Giuseppe Vasi

June 14, 2003

Trade in the etchings of Giuseppe Vasi

June 7, 2003
Florentine Recollections - Boboli Gardens (a comparison between monuments in Florence and Rome)

May 31, 2003
Leisure in the etchings of Giuseppe Vasi

May 24, 2003
Hadrian's Athens

May 17, 2003
More Venetian fortresses in Greece: MistrÓ, Nasso and Navarino

May 10, 2003
More Venetian fortresses in Greece: Malvasia, Milo, Negroponte and Athens

April 15 - May 3 romeartlover is travelling in Greece to visit more Venetian fortresses.

April 12, 2003
Branching off Via Cassia

April 5, 2003
A Roman Triumph

The Parable of the Old Man and the Young

So Abram rose, and clave the wood, and went,
And took the fire with him, and a knife.
And as they sojourned both of them together,
Isaac the first-born spake and said, My Father,
Behold the preparations, fire and iron,
But where the lamb for this burnt-offering?
Then Abram bound the youth with belts and strops,
And builded parapets and trenches there,
And stretched forth the knife to slay his son.
When lo! an angel called him out of heaven,
Saying, Lay not thy hand upon the lad,
Neither do anything to him. Behold,
A ram, caught in a thicket by its horns;
Offer the Ram of Pride instead of him.

But the old man would not so, but slew his son,
And half the seed of Europe, one by one.

Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Edward Salter Owen was born on March 18, 1893. He was on the Continent teaching until he visited a hospital for the wounded and then decided, in September, 1915, to return to England and enlist.

Owen was injured in March 1917 and sent home; he was fit for duty in August, 1918, and returned to the front. November 4, just seven days before the Armistice, he was caught in a German machine gun attack and killed. He was twenty-five when he died.

The bells were ringing on November 11, 1918, in Shrewsbury to celebrate the Armistice when the doorbell rang at his parent's home, bringing them the telegram telling them their son was dead.

March 29, 2003
Two Roman Wars (the reliefs of the Trajan's Column can still teach us a few lessons).

March 22, 2003
Plate 18: S. Maria del Buon Riposo and Villa Carpegna
Plate 24: Old Inns
Plate 59-ii: Valle della Caffarella
Plate 151: Villa Sciarra
Plate 164: Palazzo Baldassini
Plate 191: Villa Torlonia and Villa Massimo and Villa Paganini

March 15, 2003
A Roman Journey on the Circle Line

March 8, 2003
Plate 9: Along Via Latina and Tombe della Via Latina
Plate 16: SS. Michele e Magno
Plate 35:S. Isidoro in thermis and Fontana delle Najadi
Plate 81: Ponte Lucano
Plate 84: S. Andrea Apostolo sulla Via Cassia and Sepolcro di Nerone
Plate 129 - ii: S. Lazzaro in Borgo
Plate 194: Aggere Serviano
A Walk to Porta Furba: Tempio della Salute

March 1, 2003
Anticoli Corrado where the painters found their models.

February 22, 2003
A 1754 History of Venice (in the Levant) (done!)

February 15, 2003
Special issue: images from the march in Rome

February 15, 2003
A glossary for the 1754 History of Venice (in the Levant) (under construction)

February 8, 2003
A 1754 History of Venice (in the Levant) (under construction)

February 1, 2003
Plate 33: Piazza del Colosseo
Plate 196: Casino di Villa Mattei

January 25, 2003
Plate 3: Horti Sallustiani
Plate 82: Roman Tomb from Tor di Quinto
Plate 103: Basilica Costantiniana di S. Agnese
Plate 132: SS. Ildefonso e Tommaso da Villanova
Plate 190: Tomba di Lucilio Peto
Plate 4: Porta Pia
Plate 5: Porta Chiusa
Plate 5-ii: Mura del Castro Pretorio

January 18, 2003
A Walk to Ponte di Nona

January 11, 2003
Roman Loggias

January 4, 2003
Florentine Recollections (a comparison between monuments in Florence and Rome)

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