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History of Rome

Map of the locations in the countries surrounding the Aegean Sea which are covered in this web site (1900 Times Atlas of the World)

Pages on towns/archaeological sites around the Aegean Sea Istanbul/Constantinople Edirne/Adrianopolis - it is slightly further north Bursa Corfu Butrinto Dodoni Ioanina Parga Paxi Preveza Nikopolis Vonizza Santamaura/Lefkada Asso Itaca Castel di Rumelia Castel di Morea Patrasso Lepanto Cefalonia Zante Navarino Calamata Castel Tornese and Glarenza Modon Corone Mistrā Fortresses of Maina Malvasia Corinto Roman Corinth Napoli di Romania/Nafplio Argo Cerigo/Kythira Castelrosso Negroponte Oreo Schiatto Scopello Alonisso Egina Atene Hadrian's Athens Eleusis Spezzia Delphi Meteora Veria Kastoria Dion Platamonas Thessalonica Kavala Philippi Thassos Samothrace Tinos Micono Milo Nasso Grambusa via introductory page on Candia/Crete Castello via introductory page on Candia/Crete La Canea via introductory page on Candia/Crete Rettimo via introductory page on Candia/Crete Frangokastelo via introductory page on Candia/Crete Candia via introductory page on Candia/Crete Spinalonga via introductory page on Candia/Crete Ierapetra via introductory page on Candia/Crete Castel Selino (Paleochora) via introductory page on Candia/Crete Sittia via introductory page on Candia/Crete Lemno Stampalia Scio Schiro Andro Imbro Tenedo Patmo Lero Calimno Metelino Metimno Cunda Candarli Fochies Cismes Argentiera Sifno Serifo Paris Antiparis Siro Rhodes Coo/Kos Castel S. Pietro/Bodrum The Asklepeion of Kos Lindos Nissiros Symi Castelrosso (Kastelorizo) - it is located further east near the Asian coast Santorino Folegandros Afrodisias Ephesus Kale Sultanieh Kilitbahir Pergamum Sardis Seddulbahir Roman Smyrna Priene Miletus Didyma Iasos Euromos Milas Delos Olympia Mycenae Tiryns Ancient Argos Epidaurus Sounion Knossos Phaistos Gortyn Moni Arkadi Kritsa

GREECEVenetian fortressesIntroductory page-
Aegean islandAlonissos General view-
Aegean islandAndimahiaThe fortress-
Aegean islandAndro (Andros)Main monuments-
Aegean islandAntiparis (Andiparos)The fortified village-
PeloponneseArgo (Argos)The fortress-
PeloponneseAncient ArgosMain monuments-
Aegean islandArhangelosThe fortress-
MainlandArtaMain monuments-
Ionian islandAssoThe fortress-
MainlandAthensSome monuments
Monuments of the Roman period
MainlandAzio (Aktion)The fortress-
PeloponneseCalamata (Kalamata)Some monuments-
Aegean islandCalimno (Kalymnos)The fortresses-
CreteCandia (Iraklion)Main monuments-
PeloponneseCastel di Morea (Rio)The fortress-
MainlandCastel di Rumelia (Antirio)The fortress-
CreteCastelfranco (Frangokastelo)The fortress-
Aegean islandCastelrosso (Karistos)The fortresses-
Out of mapCastelrosso (Kastelorizo)The fortress-
CreteCastel SelinoThe fortress-
PeloponneseCastel Tornese (Hlemoutsi)The fortress-
Ionian islandCefalonia (Kephallonia)The old fortress-
Ionian islandCerigo (Kythira)Main monuments-
PeloponneseChielefāThe fortress-
Roman Corinth
PeloponneseCorone (Koroni)The fortress-
GreeceCreteIntroductory pageWith regional map.
Aegean islandDelosMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
MainlandDelphiMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
MainlandDionMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
MainlandDodoni (Dodona)Main monumentsOracle/Shrine
Aegean islandEgina (Aegina)Main monuments-
MainlandEleusisMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
PeloponneseEpidaurusMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
Aegean islandFolegandrosMain monuments-
PeloponneseGithioThe tower-
CreteGortynMain monuments-
CreteGrambusaThe fortress-
CreteIerapetraThe fortress-
MainlandIoaninaMain momunments-
Ionian islandItaca (Ithaki)Main monuments-
MainlandKalambaka (Meteora)Main monuments-
CreteKasteliThe walls-
MainlandKastoriaMain monuments-
MainlandKavalaMain monuments-
Aegean islandKimiA view-
CreteKnossosMain monuments-
Aegean islandKosThe Asclepeion
The Fortress
Ancient Kos
Aegean islandKremastiTower-
CreteKritsaMain monuments-
CreteLa Canea (Xania)Main monuments-
Aegean islandLemno (Limnos)The fortress-
MainlandLepanto (Nafpaktos)Main monuments-
Aegean islandLero (Leros)The fortresses-
Aegean islandLindosMain monuments-
PeloponneseMalvasia (Monemvassia)Main monuments-
Aegean islandMetelino (Mytilini)The fortressWith regional map.
Aegean islandMetimno (Molyvos)The fortress-
Aegean islandMilo (Milos)Some monuments-
Aegean islandMicono (Mykonos)Some monuments-
PeloponneseMistrā (Mistras)Main monuments-
PeloponneseModon (Methoni)The fortress-
CreteMoni ArkadiMain monuments-
PeloponneseMycenaeMain monuments-
PeloponneseNapoli di Romania (Nafplion)The fortresses-
Aegean islandNasso (Naxos)Some monuments-
PeloponneseNavarino (Pilos)The fortresses-
Aegean islandNegroponte (Chalki)Some monuments-
MainlandNikopolisMain monuments-
Aegean islandNissirosMain monuments-
PeloponneseOlympiaMain monuments-
Aegean islandOreoMain monuments-
CretePaleocastroThe fortress-
MainlandPargaThe fortress-
Aegean islandParis (Paros)Main monuments-
PeloponnesePassavāThe fortress-
Aegean islandPatmo (Patmos)Main monuments-
PeloponnesePatrasso (Patra)The fortress-
Ionian islandPaxo (Paxi)Main monuments-
CretePhaistosMain monuments-
MainlandPhilippiMain monuments-
MainlandPlatamonasThe fortress-
MainlandPrevezaThe fortresses-
CreteRettimo (Rethimno)Main monuments-
Aegean islandRhodes (Rodos)Main monumentsWith regional map.
Aegean islandSamothraceMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
Ionian islandSanta Maura (Lefkada)The fortress-
Aegean islandSantorino (Thira)Main monuments-
Aegean islandSchiatto (Skiathos)Main monuments-
Aegean islandSchiro (Skyros)Main monuments-
Aegean islandScio (Chios)Main monumentsWith regional map.
Aegean islandScopello (Skopelos)Main monuments-
CreteSfakiaThe fortress-
Aegean islandSiro (Syros)Main monuments-
CreteSittiaThe fortress-
Aegean islandSpezzia (Spetse)Main monuments-
CreteSpinalongaThe fortress-
Aegean islandStampalia (Astipalea)The fortress-
Aegean islandSymiMain monuments-
Aegean islandThassosMain monuments-
MainlandThessalonica (Thessaloniki)Main monuments-
Aegean islandTino (Tinos)Main monuments-
PeloponneseTirynsMain monuments-
MainlandVeriaMain monuments-
MainlandVonizzaThe fortress-
Ionian islandZante (Zakynthos)Main monuments-
InlandAdrianopolis (Edirne)Main monuments-
InlandAfrodisiasMain monuments-
On the coastBodrumThe fortress-
InlandBursaMain monuments-
On the coastCandarliThe fortress-
On the coastCismes (Cesme)The fortress-
On the coastCunda (Alibey)Main monuments-
On the coastDidymaMain monuments-
On the coastEphesus (Seljuk)Main monuments-
InlandEuromosMain monuments-
On the coastFochies (Eski Foca)The fortress-
On the coastIasosMain monuments-
IslandImbro (Gokceada)The fortress-
Marmara SeaIstanbulThe walls
Basic Istanbul
On the coastKale Sultanieh (Canakkale)The fortress-
On the coastKilitbahir (Eceabat)The fortress-
On the coastMiletusMain monuments-
InlandMilasMain monuments-
InlandPergamum (Bergama)Main monuments-
On the coastPrieneMain monuments-
InlandSardis (Sart)Main monuments-
On the coastSeddulbahirThe fortress-
On the coastSmyrna (Izmir)Roman monuments-
IslandTenedo (Bozcaada)The fortress-