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Page added in May 2013.

It all started when I spent a summer holiday on Corfu and then year after year I moved eastwards to mainland Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria, Israel, Jordan and Egypt. The first pages were developed in 1997 with a section on the Venetian Fortresses in Greece to which many others have been added.

Late XVth century "portolano" showing the main ports of the Levant

Below is a directory of the sections which can be grouped under the "Travels in the Levant" heading. A more detailed directory is provided at the end of this page.

< Venetian fortresses and other monuments in some fifty locations in mainland Greece and on the islands.
> The Byzantine walls of Constantinople and the dramatic events they saw.
< Antioch and its extraordinary Roman mosaics.
> A journey on the coast of southern Turkey to discover ancient towns and medieval castles.
< Gothic cathedrals and Venetian fortresses on XVIth century Cyprus.
> The town founded by Augustus to celebrate his victory over Antony and Cleopatra.
< The Roman monuments of Athens and the enlargement of the city by Emperor Hadrian.
> Genoese trading bases and fortresses near Constantinople and in the Black Sea.
< Trebizond and its Byzantine monuments including an evocative monastery in the mountains.
> Ankara, the capital of Turkey, has an ancient Roman heart.
< Nicaea was an important city for centuries and it retains very interesting walls.
> In the XIXth century Alexandria was the most European city of Africa.
< Visit the Christian heart of Cairo and the Coptic Pope's residence.
> Chios, a Greek island, was owned by a partnership of Genoese merchants.
< Ancient Pergamum was a strong ally of Rome in Asia and it was rewarded with large buildings and a famous hospital.
> Ephesus was the capital of the Roman province of Asia and one of the largest cities of the Empire.
< Cresus, King of Sardis, was the richest man of his time.
> Most ancient capitals, reliefs and statues were made at Afrodisias, a shrine in southern Turkey.
< Visit the fortresses the Sultans built to conquer and eventually protect Constantinople.
> Join the peasants of a small Turkish village who work among ancient temples, bridges and marketplaces.
< Olive oil was and is a precious commodity and Mytilini, a Greek island, was renowned for it.
> It is known as Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) for its white rocks, but Hierapolis was a holy city and a spa resort.
< Emperor Antoninus Pius rebuilt the town after an earthquake and dedicated the forum to his wife.
> Kos, the Greek island where Hippocrates was born, had one of the best known hospitals of the Ancient World.
< The Knights of St. John built a small state on some of the most beautiful Greek islands.
> Dodoni, in the mountains of Greece, was famous for its very ancient oracle.
< Ioannina is a pretty Greek town which became important as the capital of a state ruled by cruel Ali Pacha of Tepeleni.
> All the great leaders of the Ancient World came to Delphi to consult its oracle.
< Bursa was the first capital of the Ottomans and it retains many interesting monuments.
> Several ancient towns in Turkey, including Miletus, between the Aegean and the Mediteranean Seas.
< At Adrianopolis, today's Edirne, the Roman Empire began to collapse.
> Follow a section of the Silk Road across continental Turkey and see its imposing Seljuk buildings.
< The main rivers of northern Turkey are named after colours. Their valleys house pretty provincial towns and Hittite memories.
> A historical compendium of the monuments of Constantinople.
< A journey across Turkey and Syria in a region which was one of the cradles of civilizations.
> Eleusi, a shrine near Athens, was the site of very secret initiation rites.
< After destroying it, the Romans made Corinth one of the richest towns of the Empire.
> Apamea in Syria had one of the longest colonnaded streets of the Ancient World.
< A forgotten Roman temple built above a mysterious Phoenician shrine in Syria.
> Do the wheels of Hama in Syria chant or do they rather cry?
< A bare tableland in Syria houses many Byzantine abandoned towns.
> Small castles and large fortresses in Turkey, Syria, Cyprus and Israel did not prevent the collapse of the Crusader States.
< The monasteries perched on the rocks of Meteora in Greece are not just a tourist attraction.
> Mount Olympus in northern Greece was the seat of the Gods and it housed a famous shrine.
< A journey in northern Greece along Via Egnatia, the road which (with Via Appia) linked Rome to Constantinople.
> The splendours of this historical city in February 2011.
< A Muslim palace in a remote area of the Syrian desert.
> Small towns in Syria which house Christian communities and monuments.
< Bosra in southern Syria was a very prosperous Roman town.
> Syrian Palmyra was so rich that its queen challenged the power of Rome.
< Delos was a floating island before the birth of Apollo and Diana. It then became the site of a famous oracle.
> Olympia and its fascinating monuments.
< A journey in Greek Argolis where Hercules performed his first labours.
> Epidaurus, its theatre and its shrine.
< Byron signed a stone of the ancient temple at Cape Sounion in Greece.
> Crete was home to one of the earliest maritime powers.
< Ancient towns on Cyprus in spectacular locations.
> Follow Mark Twain and William Turner in their journey to the Holy Land.
< Ancient towns, fortresses, necropolises and synagogues in Israel.
> In 1812 a Swiss explorer in Arab attire was the first European to visit Petra and other ancient sites in Jordan.
< Troy, the mythical town of Homer's poems.
> Perched on a high rock, Assos has spectatular views over the Aegean Sea
< The Anatolian tableland, despite its chilly winters, houses some interesting towns and beautiful landscapes.
>Manisa was embellished with fine monuments by the Sultans who spent their youth there.

CyprusAmathousMain monuments-
CyprusBellapaisThe Abbey-
CyprusCirenes (Kyrenia/Girne)The fortress-
CyprusFamagustaThe walls
The churches
With regional map.
CyprusKourionMain monuments-
CyprusKolossiMain monuments-
CyprusLarnacaMain monuments-
CyprusLimassolMain monuments-
CyprusNicosia (Lefkosa)Main monuments-
CyprusPaphosMain monuments-
CyprusSalamisMain monuments-
EgyptAlexandriaSome monuments-
EgyptCairoThe Walls of Babilonia-
GREECEMap of the Aegean and Ionian SeasIt shows the location
of the following towns
GreeceAlonissos General view-
GreeceAndimahiaThe fortress-
GreeceAndro (Andros)Main monuments-
GreeceAntiparis (Andiparos)The fortified village-
GreeceArgo (Argos)The fortress
Ancient Argos
GreeceArhangelosThe fortress-
GreeceArtaMain monuments-
GreeceAssoThe fortress-
GreeceAthensSome monuments
Monuments built during the Roman rule
GreeceAzio (Aktion)The fortress-
GreeceCalamata (Kalamata)Some monuments-
GreeceCalimno (Kalymnos)The fortresses-
GreeceCandia (Iraklion)Main monuments-
GreeceCastel di Morea (Rio)The fortress-
GreeceCastel di Rumelia (Antirio)The fortress-
GreeceCastelfranco (Frangokastelo)The fortress-
GreeceCastelrosso (Karistos)The fortresses-
GreeceCastelrosso (Kastelorizo)The fortress-
GreeceCastel Selino (Paleochora)The fortress-
GreeceCastel Tornese (Hlemoutsi)The fortress-
GreeceCefalonia (Kephallonia)The old fortress-
GreeceCerigo (Kythira)Main monuments-
GreeceChielefāThe fortress-
GreeceCorfu (Kerkyra)Main monuments-
Roman Corinth
GreeceCorone (Koroni)The fortress-
GreeceCreteIntroductory pageWith regional map.
GreeceDelosMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceDelphiMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceDionMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceDodoni (Dodona)Main monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceEgina (Aegina)Main monuments-
GreeceEleusisMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceEpidaurusMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
GreeceFolegandrosMain monuments-
GreeceGithioThe tower-
GreeceGortynMain monuments-
GreeceGrambusaThe fortress-
GreeceIerapetraThe fortress-
GreeceIoaninaMain monuments-
GreeceItaca (Ithaki)Main monuments-
GreeceKalambaka (Meteora)Main monuments-
GreeceKasteliThe walls-
GreeceKastoriaMain monuments-
GreeceKavalaMain monuments-
GreeceKimiA view-
GreeceKnossosMain monuments-
GreeceKosThe Asclepeion
The Fortress
Ancient Kos
GreeceKritsaMain monuments-
GreeceLa Canea (Xania)Main monuments-
GreeceLemno (Limnos)The fortress-
GreeceLepanto (Nafpaktos)Main monuments-
GreeceLero (Leros)The fortresses-
GreeceLindosMain monuments-
GreeceMalvasia (Monemvassia)Main monuments-
GreeceMetelino (Mytilini)The fortressWith regional map.
GreeceMetimno (Molyvos)The fortress-
GreeceMilo (Milos)Some monuments-
GreeceMicono (Mykonos)Some monuments-
GreeceMistrā (Mistras)Main monuments-
GreeceModon (Methoni)The fortress-
GreeceMoni ArkadiThe monastery-
GreeceMycenaeMain monuments-
GreeceNapoli di Romania (Nafplion)The fortresses-
GreeceNasso (Naxos)Some monuments-
GreeceNavarino (Pilos)The fortresses-
GreeceNegroponte (Chalki)Some monuments-
GreeceNikopolisMain monuments-
GreeceNissirosMain monuments-
GreeceOlympiaMain monuments-
GreeceOreoMain monuments-
GreecePaleocastroThe fortress-
GreecePargaThe fortress-
GreeceParis (Paros)Main monuments-
GreecePassavāThe fortress-
GreecePatmo (Patmos)Main monuments-
GreecePatrasso (Patra)The fortress-
GreecePaxo (Paxi)Main monuments-
GreecePhaistosMain monuments-
GreecePhilippiMain monuments-
GreecePlatamonasThe fortress-
GreecePrevezaThe fortresses-
GreeceRettimo (Rethimno)Main monuments-
GreeceRhodes (Rodos)Main monumentsWith regional map.
GreeceSamothraceMain monuments-
GreeceSanta Maura (Lefkada)The fortress-
GreeceSantorino (Thira)Main monuments-
GreeceSchiatto (Skiathos)Main monuments-
GreeceSchiro (Skyros)Main monuments-
GreeceScio (Chios)Main monumentsWith regional map.
GreeceScopello (Skopelos)Main monuments-
GreeceSfakiaThe fortress-
GreeceSiro (Syros)Main monuments-
GreeceSittiaThe fortress-
GreeceSounionMain monumentsOracle/shrine
GreeceSpezzia (Spetse)Main monuments-
GreeceSpinalongaThe fortress-
GreeceStampalia (Astipalea)The fortress-
GreeceSymiMain monuments-
GreeceThassosMain monuments-
GreeceThessalonica (Thessaloniki)Main monuments-
GreeceTino (Tinos)Main monuments-
GreeceTirynsMain monuments-
GreeceVeriaMain monuments-
GreeceVonizzaThe fortress-
GreeceZante (Zakynthos)Main monuments-
ISRAELIsraelIntroductory pageWith regional map.
IsraelAcre (Akko)Main monuments-
IsraelBelvoir (Kokhav Hayarden)The fortress-
IsraelBet AlphaSynagogue-
IsraelBet She'arimMain monuments-
IsraelCaesarea MaritimaMain monuments-
IsraelCaesarea Philippi (Banias)Main monuments-
IsraelCapernaumHoly Sites
IsraelDiocaesarea (Zippori)Main monuments
IsraelEin GediSynagogue-
IsraelHerodionMain monuments-
IsraelJaffaMain monuments-
IsraelJerusalemMain monuments-
IsraelKaifah (Haifa)Main monuments-
IsraelMamfis (Mamshit)Main monuments-
IsraelMasadaMain monuments-
IsraelMegiddoMain monuments-
IsraelMount TaborCatholic church-
IsraelNazarethMain monuments-
IsraelNimrodThe fortress-
IsraelOboda (Avdat)Main monuments-
IsraelRosh HaniqraThe rocks-
IsraelScythopolis (Bet She'an)Main monuments-
IsraelTel AvivMain monuments-
IsraelTiberiasMain monuments
JORDANJordanIntroductory pageWith regional map.
JordanAhl al-KahfCave of the Seven Sleepers-
JordanAjlunThe castle-
JordanAmman (Philadelphia)Main monuments-
JordanAqabaMain monuments-
Jordanar-RabbahMain monuments-
JordanDana ValleyViews-
JordanDead SeaSome views-
JordanIraq al-AmirPalace of the Slave-
JordanJerash (Gerasa)Main monuments-
JordanKerakThe castle-
JordanKhirbet et-TannurViews-
JordanMadabaMain monuments-
JordanMount NeboSome mosaics-
JordanPellaMain monuments-
JordanPetraMain monuments-
JordanQasr al-AzraqThe castle-
JordanQasr al-HallabatThe castle-
JordanQasr al-HamraThe palace-
JordanQasr al-KharanahThe castle-
JordanQasr al-MushattaThe palace-
JordanShowbakThe castle-
JordanUmm al-JimalMain monuments-
JordanUmm Qays (Gadara)Main monuments-
JordanWadi al-MawjibViews-
SYRIAMAP OF SYRIAIt shows the location
of the following towns
SyriaAin DaraMain monuments-
SyriaAleppoMain monuments-
SyriaApameaMain monuments-
SyriaArwadMain monuments-
SyriaBaetocece (Hosn Suleiman)Main monuments-
SyriaBosraMain monuments-
SyriaBradMain monuments-
SyriaCyrrhusMain monuments-
SyriaDamascusMain monuments-
SyriaEzraMain monuments-
SyriaHamaMain monuments-
SyriaKrak des ChevaliersThe Castle-
SyriaMaaloulaMain monuments-
SyriaMarqabThe Castle-
SyriaPalmyraMain monuments-
SyriaPhilippopolisMain monuments-
SyriaQalb LozehMain monuments-
SyriaQanawatMain monuments-
SyriaQaraMain monuments-
SyriaQasr al-Hayr al-SharqiMain monuments-
SyriaSafitaThe Castle-
SyriaSaoneThe Castle-
SyriaSergillaMain monuments-
SyriaShaqqaMain monuments-
SyriaSt. SimeonMain monuments-
SyriaTartousMain monuments-
SyriaZabadaniRock cut tomb-
TURKEYMAP OF TURKEYIt shows the location
of the following towns
TurkeyAdanaMain monuments-
TurkeyAdrianopolis (Edirne)Main monuments-
TurkeyAfrodisiasMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyAfyonkarahisarMain monuments-
TurkeyAizani (Cavdarhisar)Main monuments-
TurkeyAlanyaThe castleWith regional map.
TurkeyAlexandrettaSome monuments-
TurkeyAmastri (Amasra)Main monuments-
TurkeyAmasyaMain monuments-
TurkeyAndriakeHadrian's granary-
TurkeyAnemuriumMain monuments-
TurkeyAnkaraRoman monuments-
TurkeyAnadolu HisarThe fortress-
TurkeyAnadolu KavagiThe fortress-
TurkeyAntalyaMain monuments-
TurkeyAntioch (Hatay)Some monuments
Roman mosaics
With regional map
TurkeyAntiphellos (Kas)Main monuments-
TurkeyAspendosMain monuments-
TurkeyAssosMain monuments-
TurkeyBakras KalesiThe castle-
TurkeyBirecikMain monuments-
TurkeyBodrumThe fortress-
TurkeyBorSome monuments-
TurkeyBursaMain monuments-
TurkeyCandarliThe fortress-
TurkeyCape AnamurMamure Kalesi-
TurkeyCentral RegionIntroductory pageWith regional map.
TurkeyCavusin (Cappadocia) Main monuments-
TurkeyCismes (Cesme)The fortress-
TurkeyCunda (Alibey)Main monuments-
TurkeyDidymaMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyDivrigiMain monuments-
TurkeyDiyarbakirMain monuments-
TurkeyEdirneMain monuments-
TurkeyEgirdirMain monuments-
TurkeyElaiussaMain monuments-
TurkeyEphesus (Seljuc)Main monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyEski GumusRock-cut town-
TurkeyEuromosMain monuments-
TurkeyFochies (Eski Foca)The fortress-
TurkeyGaziantepMain monuments/Roman mosaics-
TurkeyGiresunThe fortress-
TurkeyGoreme (Cappadocia) Main monuments-
TurkeyHarbiye (Daphne)Some monuments-
TurkeyHarputMain monuments-
TurkeyHarranMain monuments-
TurkeyHattusaMain monuments-
TurkeyHierapolis (Pamukkale)Main monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyIasosMain monuments-
TurkeyIhlara (Cappadocia) Some monuments-
TurkeyImbro (Gokceada)The fortress-
TurkeyIspartaMain monuments-
TurkeyIstanbulThe walls
Basic Istanbul
With Istanbul map
With Black Sea map.
TurkeyIvrizHittite relief-
TurkeyKahramanmarasMain monuments-
TurkeyKale Sultanieh (Canakkale)The fortress-
TurkeyKaramanMain monuments-
TurkeyKaratepeMain monuments-
TurkeyKastamonuMain monuments-
TurkeyKaunosMain monuments-
TurkeyKayseriMain monuments-
TurkeyKemerhisarRoman aqueduct-
TurkeyKilisMain monuments-
TurkeyKilitbahir (Eceabat)The fortress-
TurkeyKilyosThe fortress-
TurkeyKizkalesiThe castles-
TurkeyKonyaMain monuments-
TurkeyKutahyaMain monuments-
TurkeyLaiazzo (Yumurtalik)Main monuments-
TurkeyLampron (Camlilaya)Main monuments-
TurkeyLetoonMain monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyMalabadi KoprusuOld Bridge-
TurkeyManisa (Magnesia)Main monuments-
TurkeyMarmara Sea and StraitsIntroductory pageWith Marmara Sea Map
TurkeyMardinMain monuments-
TurkeyMarmara Sea and StraitsIntroductory pageWith Marmara Sea Map
TurkeyMilasMain monuments-
TurkeyMiletusMain monuments-
TurkeyMut (Alahan Monastery)Main monuments-
TurkeyMyra (Demre)Main monuments-
TurkeyNemrut DagMain monuments-
TurkeyNicaea (Iznic)Main monuments-
TurkeyNigdeMain monuments-
TurkeyNiksarMain monuments-
TurkeyOlba (Uzuncaburį)Main monuments-
TurkeyPataraMain monuments-
TurkeyPayasSokullu Mehmet Pasha Caravanserai-
TurkeyPergamum (Bergama)Main monumentsOracle/Shrine
TurkeyPergeMain monuments-
TurkeyPhaselisMain monuments-
TurkeyPrieneMain monuments-
TurkeyRumeli FeneriThe fortress-
TurkeyRumeli HisarThe fortress-
TurkeySafranboluMain monuments-
TurkeySagalassosMain monuments-
TurkeySanliurfaMain monuments-
TurkeySardis (Sart)Main monuments-
TurkeySeddulbahirThe fortress-
TurkeySeleucia PieriaSome monuments-
TurkeySideMain monuments-
TurkeySilifkeMain monuments-
TurkeySilvanMain monuments-
TurkeySimenaMain monuments-
TurkeySinope (Sinop)Main monuments-
TurkeySis (Kozan)Main monuments-
TurkeySivasMain monuments-
TurkeySmyrna (Izmir)Roman monuments-
TurkeySouth-eastern RegionIntroductory pageWith regional map.
TurkeySouth-western Region Introductory pageWith regional map.
TurkeySumelaThe monastery-
TurkeyTarsusMain monuments-
TurkeyTaskopruMain monuments-
TurkeyTelmessos (Fethiye)Main monuments-
TurkeyTenedo (Bozcaada)The fortress-
TurkeyTermessosMain monuments-
TurkeyTireboluThe fortresses-
TurkeyTlosMain monuments-
TurkeyTokatMain monuments-
TurkeyTrebizond (Trabzon)Main monumentsWith regional map.
TurkeyTroy (Truva)Main monuments-
TurkeyTurhalMain monuments-
TurkeyUchisar (Cappadocia) Main monuments-
TurkeyUnyeThe fortress-
TurkeyXanthosMain monuments-
TurkeyYasilikayaMain monuments-
TurkeyYilanli KaleThe fortress-
TurkeyZileMain monuments-